About Us

Our story starts over 35 years ago. What was once "Katy Creations" started in the early 1980’s.  Ms. Louise and Ms. Kay live in a western suburb of Houston, Texas.  Louise is a home economics major and thus tended toward a love for food items.  Kay enjoyed making crafts and saw a recipe for Cider Beetles in a Southern Living Magazine.  She made them as neighbor’s Christmas gifts attaching them to a bottle of cider and leaving them at their doorstep.

At some point Louise was invited to participate in a craft show organized by a rather exclusive group of ladies in the neighborhood who also enjoyed crafting and wanted to add a booth with food oriented products.  Louise and Kay wondered if they could sell 24 Cider Beetles at that first show. They were sold out in the first few hours.

By the mid 1980’s they were selling over 700 and by the late 1980’s and mid 1990’s it had grown to over 2500 and were being shown at The Nutcracker Market in Houston.  Long queues started forming at the entrance of the market specifically for the Cider Beetles which would sell out quickly.

Hendley Market of Galveston, Texas took over the sales at The Nutcracker Market and also sold them at their store on the Strand in Galveston.

At the peak of Katy Creations the sales had ballooned to 11,000 Cider Beetles annually and Kay and Louise were worn out.  Happily they sold the business in 2005 to Cheryl Jenkines and Hendley Market.

The rest, as they say, is history! We now carry the 
Cider Beetle and the Cider Deer. Purchase them here year round or at our main distribution location, Hendley Market in Galveston, Texas.