Transform the Holidays!

This all-natural sweet and spicy “beetle” is made ​made from a dried orange half and a combination of cinnamon, cloves, allspice, sugar and more. Dissolve this tasty treat into your favorite apple cider or red wine. It ​creates a delicious mulled beverage  and makes the house smell like the holidays!


This Holiday season give the taste of Texas with the exclusive Hendley Market Cider Beetle. Also known as wassail, the cider beetle transforms every day apple juice or cider into festive magic! Citrus notes dance with cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg to create the perfect spiced treat the whole family can enjoy.


The Cider Beetles are beautifully wrapped and ready for giving!  Arrange them in a basket with cider and wine for the perfect hostess gift!  Pair with a corporate logo mug for tasteful business gifting!  Keep plenty on hand for teacher gifts, neighbors, secret Santa and the office.  Created and made in Texas since 1979, the Cider Beetle is 100% all natural and 100% true Texan.

Cider Beetle


Cider Deer

Cider Deer


The “Cider Beetle”

Half of a dried orange peel packed with brown sugar, with a cinnamon stick, cloves, a nutmeg seed, and allspice seeds arranged to look like a bug in the center. This fragrant concoction, produced by and for Hendley Market, can be dropped into a steaming pot of apple cider or red wine on festive occasions to make wassail or mulled wine. A seasonal “Cider Reindeer” (with Red Hots candy for a nose) is available around the winter holidays.


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